Recognizing Legends

Abyssinia Business Network /ABN/ Special Edition 2020

“You Deserve!”
Ali Abdela Keifa / Ali Tango /

Gone are those days when we used to go to music shops to buy newly released music albums recorded by very few music recorders mainly based in the capital Addis Ababa.

The most popular music shops that had been engaged in recording and distributing albums in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s included Tango Music Shops of Keifa Records, Electra, Ambassel, Ethio, Genet, and Harambe music shops, among others.

The role of these recorders in the country’s music development had undoubtedly been very significant; many vocalists who had gone through lots of ups and downs to appear before the public with their own artistic pieces still extend their appreciation, recognition and gratitude to those recorders.

Ali Abdela Keifa aka Ali Tango is amongst these recorders who spent most of their lives unleashing the potential of young and talented Ethiopian vocalists.

This time around it has become a promising culture to recognize and acknowledge heroes and heroines who have contributed a lot to various socio-economic changes throughout the country.

Indeed, good deeds and kindness pay back; Ali Tango is now a living witness to learn that people can reap what they sow; Ethiopia has got many legends in all walks of life; they need to be remembered and honored for their longstanding contribution to societal development.

As we are recognizing and acknowledging Ali Abdela Keifa we need also to extend our deepest gratitude to those friends, relatives and former colleagues of Ali who have dedicated their precious time and energy to successfully accomplish  “You Deserve!” recognition event.

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