GERD: Lifting The People High

Abyssinia Business Network /ABN/ “It’s Our Dam” The drive for Ethiopia to harness its hydrological potential is to meet its increasing demand for water due to population growth, to reduce the risk of prolonged drought and there by lift its people out of poverty. Eventhough the country is highly dependent […]


ABN@Special Edition For the Egyptians: The way forward has always been the same: cooperate with Ethiopia and Sudan, hammer out an agreement, and secure the long-term interests of the Egyptian people. Nothing else will guarantee the interests of the Egyptian people in the long run than working together with the […]

Ethiopian Natural Gas and Petroleum Industry

Samuel Tekleyesus/ABN/ The Oil and Gas sector in Ethiopia, currently at a very early stage of development, shows good potential for development on the long-run. Exploration for oil and natural gas is currently taking place in a number of areas in Ethiopia, including in parts of the Ogaden Basin in […]

“It’s Our Dam”

Abyssinia Business Network/ABN/ Special Edition “The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam /GERD/ is a unique project being undertaken by all Ethiopians’ financial, expertise, labor and time contribution.” “No country shall intervene in Ethiopia’s right to properly and fairly utilize its natural resource; we shall fill in the dam and release water […]