Mama’s Kitchen at Unity Park

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Established in 2004 E.C., Mama’s Kitchen aims at advancing modern hospitality concepts in Ethiopia. Owned by Girma Degu who has established himself working in leading hotels such as Hilton Addis and Sheraton Addis Hotels and worked his way into being recognized for his hard work and diligence service.

After performing a lot of consultancy services for talk of the town hotels, restaurants and clubs, Girma’s dream to open his own business has ultimately come true. His first branch of Mama’s Kitchen chain which soon grew to be legendary for its unique dining menu with the best customer service in town-Baritone Lounge and Restaurant was opened in 2008 E.C, which was followed by Royal Lounge in 2009 E.C.

Mama’s Inn branches opened at Bole 22 in 2010 E.C. and Mama’s Inn at Meskel Flower branch in 2011 E.C. In order to host Mama’s Kitchen international and regional guests, Mama’s Kitchen Unity Park was opened in 2012 E.C after winning a bid floated by the Unity Park Administration.

Mama’s Kitchen owner and General Manager, Girma Degu said, “Getting into Unity Park has really paved ways to promote our business to different visitors, mainly high profile personalities coming from different parts of the world, including Heads of States and Ministers.”

The owner further noted that Mama’s Kitchen offers all types of services it’s rendering in its other branches, maintaining all the quality and the standards set by the organization.

“The Unity Park, indeed, remains a lesson to all of us that we can do anything in a short period of time with good spirit and shared vision, and also a platform to develop good working- culture” said Girma, adding that all Ethiopians have moral obligation to contribute significantly to national image building endeavors being undertaken in the country.

Ever since the Park opened lots of local and foreign tourists have been flocking to this wonderful site, whose advantages are two folds: income generation and image- building benefits. They all are witnessing the beauty and convenience of the place that was once a place to bury and kill citizens for mostly political reasons.

Upon closing his remarks, Girma underpinned that Ethiopian Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed needs to be appreciated and acknowledged for his relentless efforts in changing the once-abandoned and forgotten site of the Grand Palace into a very welcoming and stupendous place in the African capital.

Now in its eight years successful operations at different branches, Mama’s Kitchen chain has currently created job opportunities for over 360 professionals in the hospitality industry. The kitchen staffs at Mama’s Kitchen are amongst the finest, bringing with them experiences from cooking in five star hotels.

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