Hosting Hospitality

By AklileTsige/ABN/

The tourism and hospitality operation is a lucrative but volatile business. Concerns about its sustainability require utmost knowledge and skills. Practicable philosophies about people, economics, finance, management, culture, and political ideology are essential.

Tireless training of the staff, adequate budgeting and investment on technology, comprehensive technology installation and synchronization (interlinking), in premises operationalization of all tech-installations (technology should not be outsourced), stiff fraudulent monitoring and advanced remedy, team-working, branding within a license and positive discourse market competitions are very crucial to run a safe, secured and prosperous hospitality business

Many argue that Ethiopia, despite its immense tourist attractions, has not yet benefited from this gift of God; little attention to structured and organized operation hinders the development of the hospitality and tourism business across the country. Nevertheless, there appears to be promising endeavor being undertaken by different governmental and private organizations working on the development of the sector in Ethiopia.Our Editor-in-Chief AklileTsigespeaks to heads of organizations that are playing key roles in the industry.

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