Introduction Mix Media

Mix Business weekly newspaper, Dream fm 90.6 daily 2 hour program In Amharic (habesha) language and an organizer of big events e.g  Habesha concerts. It is an independent media and entertainment publication of Mix Media and Entertainment Company. It was established with a mission to educate, inform and entertain. Formed  in June 2014,  Mix Business Weekly newspaper is positioned as the first and only dual language news media in South Sudan, Kenya and Uganda. Our newspaper is published in English and Amharic, making it a unique entry to a community where both languages play viral roles among the diverse business community.

Our Vision

Our vision is an informed society with a broad understanding of economic and business news.

Our Mission

We strive to network the business community by relaying the most relevant, researched and data driven content on our newspaper through quality economic, financial and development news pieces from our newsroom.

Our Slogan

“Business Networking, Information and Entertainment”

Our Services

We offer the following services

  1. Advertisement on both radio and newspaper (Mix Business newspaper and Dream fm 90.6)
  2. Radio hosting
  3. Radio programs
  4. Organizing events
    • Apart from running an editorial team which produces articles the weekly news items,
    • Video Shooting and Editing
    • We also do Artwork design for our clients.
    • Production of public relations materials for Print, Radio/Television

Daniel Tirunhe

Managing Director