Ethiopia to Build Electric Transmission Lines in 2019


Ethiopia on Dec 3/2018  announced the construction in 2019 of 500 kilometers and 200 kilo volts of electric transmission lines, to take electricity to the country”s central and south region.


The project will be jointly carried out with Chinese companies Sichuan Electric Power Transmission-Transformation Construction Limited (SPTTC) and Jiangsu Etern Company Limited, which similar plans were already executed this year.

Authorities stress that with the completion of the initiative, Ethiopian electricity consumers will receive a reliable energy supply.

‘The construction, funded by the World Bank  valued at $20 million USD, will start in 2019 first quarter and will be completed in eight months with security, efficiency and quality, SPTTC manager Li Xiaodong noted.

Girma Zeleke, Transmission, Substation, Rehabilitation and Upgrading Project Manager of Ethiopia Electric Power, stated that this is the first line of its kind, and it will work along with other lines to end sporadic electricity cuts in Addis Ababa and other important cities.

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