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Modernizing Transport

ABN met Dagmawit Moges, FDRE Minister of Transport, and discussed the start of the transport sector in Ethiopia, its development, challenges and the way forward. Transportation infrastructure in Ethiopia has been neglected for decades, but is now apriority of the government of Ethiopia. A large number of roads and railways have been […]

Ozzie: Cozying Up MICE

By AklileTsige @ABN Much-trumpeted that Ethiopia is blessed with immense historical, cultural and natural resources that attract tourists worldwide. Nevertheless, the effort to tap its rich tourism resources remains lamentable. Many argue that little attempts have been made to promote the nation’s tourism activities at the national and international levels, […]

BGI Ethiopia: Pioneering Brewery

By Daniel Tiruneh @ABN BGI is the leading brewery in Ethiopia with a leading share of the domestic beer market. BGI services thousands of sales outlets all over the country, and deploys Promoters to visit and monitor these outlets regularly. Apposite worked with BGI to develop a Sales Outlet Management […]

Towards AU Highest Office

Abyssinia Business Network /ABN@abn-team History is chock-full of women who made incredible contributions to society, yet are not much-trumpeted and appreciated by the public. From pioneers and political dissidents to inventors and astrophysicists, the remarkable and magnificent deeds of these historical female figures deserve appreciation on must-read lists. One of […]