Awash Wine SC Relaunches GEBETA Brand Wine


Since privatization, Awash Wine SC has made significant investments with a strong and sustainable commitment to quality, culminating in the relaunch of its premium brand GEBETA White and Red wines in an official event held on June 3, 2018 at Sheraton Addis.

GEBETA, which has been on the market since 2015, has now been relaunched with a fresh new look and a significantly improved taste, matching international standards while delivering the unique characteristics of the Ethiopian terroir. Terroiris a French word that relates to the interactions between the elements that impact the grape growing: a rich volcanic soil, a sunny climate at a relatively high-altitude of 1300 meters, the varieties of the grapes and the way our wine experts combine all these elements to create a high-quality wine.

Speaking at the event, Herve Duranton Managing Director of Awash Wine SC has highlighted that choosing locally produced wines is a way to support Ethiopian wine makers in their journey to make an international quality wine.

GEBETA is made by AWASH WINE which leads the wine market in Ethiopia. As a market leader, AWASH WINE has to have a credible offer in the premium wine segment. It may also open avenues for exportsaid Herve. GEBETA is an Ethiopian wine, made from pure fresh grapes harvested in our vineyard located alongside the Awash river. It is made from 2 varieties, internationally reputed, that are well adapted to Ethiopia: Chenin Blanc and Grenache noir. It combines the know-how of two talented young Ethiopian wine-makers who have been with Awash for 10 years, associated with a very seasoned and passionate French wine-maker who joined us recently.

The news flagship GEBETA wines are medium dry wines that give a rounded taste which is pleasant to drink.

Drinking GEBETA creates a good wine drinking moment, like today, with friends and good company,added Herve Duranton. Drinking GEBETA is also a way to support Ethiopian wine makers in their journey to make an international quality wine.

Awash is the leading wine company with nearly 85% market share in Ethiopia with strong local brands which are intimately connected to Ethiopias heritage. The company has three heritages-two wineries in Lideta and Mekanisa and a wine farm located in Merti Woreda, in Arsi Zone of the Oromia Region.

The company was acquired in a privatization in September 2013 by a joint local-foreign partnership of like-minded investors who are committed to preserving local traditions while driving local excellence and innovation.

The Awash product range has been refined to the meet the wine preferences of both domestic and external consumers, across a diverse price range.

We are proud to have products that form the core of important moments for our consumers, from butchery-time mixing as well as first dates and 50th wedding anniversaries. To us at Awash, it is our culture to provide wines that celebrate Ethiopian history and progress for every occasion.

Promoting Responsible Drinking

Wine is not for sale to persons under the age of 18 years. As one of the leading wine company, we actively promote the enjoyment of wine in moderation.

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