African Union to host ‘Africa Leadership Meeting: Investing in Health’

African Union to host  ‘Investing in Health’


According to 2018 WHO Global Health Expenditure Database, African countries are gradually increasing domestic investments in health with 35 out of 55 AU Member States (over 64%) having increased the percentage of their Gross Domestic Product invested in health over the previous financial year. These increased investments have seen visible results in communities across Africa with shining examples of strengthened sub-national and national health systems.

a health official administers a polio vaccine to children at a camp for people displaced by Islamist Extremist in Maiduguri, Nigeria, Sunday, Aug. 28, 2016. Health workers using military helicopters, all-terrain vehicles and tricycle taxis vaccinated hundreds of thousands of children this week, fighting the return of crippling polio in areas newly freed from Boko Haram extremists who violently oppose Western medicine. 

However, while African countries have made huge strides in increasing domestic investments in health, only 2 out of the 55 AU Member States meet Africa’s target of dedicating at least 15% of the government budget to health and do not reach the suggested threshold of US$86.30 per person required to provide a basic package of health services. For the world’s most youthful continent, future growth and prosperity depend on developing and nurturing human capital.

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