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By Aklile Tsige

Born and raised in the beautiful city of Dire Dawa in Eastern Ethiopia. Fetihya Mohammed was the first born followed by a sister and two brothers. Ever since she left Dire Dawa for the nation’s capital, Addis Ababa she has gone through lots of ups and downs to reach where she is now. A mother of two sons and a business woman Fetihya has significantly contributed to her country’s image building effort through her modeling and beauty pageant experience. Aklile Tsige, ABN Editor-in-Chief sat with Fetihya to present her ABN’s 10 questions.

ABN: Tell us a little bit about your early ages.

Fetihya: I was born in Dire Dawa, Eastern Ethiopia. I was the first child to my family.. My family was living a good life and the future looked bright for them. All of that changed when my father suddenly died when I was only 5 years old. Life became though, but as a family, they managed to survive and live a reasonable normal life. But disaster stroke again when my mother also became sick and passed away not much later. I was only 16 years at that time. My life as a normal teenager going to high school changed suddenly to a life were I had to fight to survive, and become the breadwinner.

ABN: How did you get into the modeling industry?

 Fetihya: When I was a teenager, a lot of people advised me to become a model.    One day I met Zemi Younes, who was the most important fashion show organizer at that time and she thought me everything I needed to know. My life would change when I became 18 and was scouted by an international modeling agent from the UK. This has created opportunities for me to participate in beauty pageants and modeling shows all over the world. I appeared on national and international TV channels and as an emerging and accomplished public figure.

ABN: I think you have studied Journalism at Unity College; did you work with the profession? If yes, to which media?

 Fetihya: Of course, I have graduated from the then Unity College in Journalism. At that time, I was working as a reporter for Nia Fashion Magazine. I did some freelance reporting for some newspapers as well as narration for radio programs.

     ABN: Where did you experience your modeling career outside Ethiopia?

Fetihya: Many places worldwide, to mention some continents: Africa, Asia, Europe and the USA.

    ABN: What are your greatest achievements in life?

Fetihya: I lost both parents of mine at a very young age, so I always had to fight to survive. Now, I have become a strong, psychologically and financially independent woman. That is what I consider my greatest achievement. When it comes to my modeling career, I have got some the following achievements over the last 15 years:

  1. 2nd Runner Up in the Miss Ethiopia 2005 Election
  2. 1st Runner Up as African Queen in the Miss Tourism 2005 Election in China
  3. Rewarded as Miss Goodwill in the Miss International 2006 Election in Japan
  4. Coordinator for the Miss Millennium event 2007 in the Millennium Hall in Ethiopia
  5. Stage model for the East African Cultural Exchange 2009 in Kenya
  6. Judge for Elite International Fashion Show 2011 in Kenya
  7. Stage model for fashion shows in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany for 2014-2015 8. Model for different advertisements in press and national TV in Ethiopia and Belgium
  8. Has been on the front page of several magazines and newspapers including: Addis Admas, Reporter and Nation Newspapers and Fashion Magazine
  9. Narrated several Radio Dramas on Ethiopia radio and acted in “Sew Lesew” drama series on ETV
  10. Held several interviews with ETV, Ethiopian National radio and other media
  11. Worked as a reporter for different magazines

ABN: Tell us a little bit about your participation in the film or TV series drama. What are those good performances of you?

Fetihya: I played in a few Amharic radio dramas like “Yeqegn kignit” and “Menta menged”. Also there were the regular shows on Saturdays and Sundays Entertainment programs and I had some guest actress roles in “Sew Lesew” and some others.

     ABN: What social or community development initiatives are you engaged in?

Fetihya: I have my own peace project called ‘Mukajela’, which literally means “meeting under the tree”. It is an idea of traditional conflict-solving mechanism being practiced in the Eastern part of Ethiopia. Very recently I have conducted this peace initiative in my birth place-Dire Dawa ,in the presence of famous Ethiopian vocalists such as Ali Birra and Ali Shebo who are famous for their being founders and main actors for the establishment of the old music band called “Afrenqello”.

    ABN: What are you currently doing?

Fetihya:, I have established the Ethiopian Modeling Association in collaboration with the FDRE Ministry of Tourism. We will be working on making the industry stronger, more professional, giving opportunity for Ethiopian girls and women to get out of their confined areas and promote their country in the global arena.

   ABN: How did you manage to help your sister and brothers?

Fetihya:  It is only through strength, determination and hard work that these blood of mine managed to climb out from the dark hole they were in. All of them are now in a good living condition as they managed to finish their secondary education and university studies. Thanks to the Almighty Allah!

     ABN:  Would you please list down your favorite…….

Fetihya: • Pass time: spending time with my kids, watch movie and social commitments.

• Dish: Shiro
• Drink: Lipton Ice Tea Green
• Movie: Notebook
• Quotation:
• Book: Medemer by PM Abiy Ahmed (Phd)
• Source of information: electronics media, social media

• Vocalists: local and foreign/male/female: Aster Awoke, Dr Ali Birra and Whitney Houston
• Actor/actress local and foreign: Kedist G/Selassi, Liam Neeson and Angelina Jolie

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