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A foreign owned machinery manufacturing company   wants to sell its company to interested buyers. The company has existed in the market for over 6 years and it has been profitable ever since.

All the machineries are in good condition and the establishment is using a rented warehouse for operation.



A top Turkish company, who has been in the UPS and stabilizer manufacturing business for more than 30 years, wants to introduce its product to the Ethiopian market.

The company is looking for potential, buyers, agents or partners who have industry experience to realize its goals.


An Asian company wants to come to Ethiopia and open a flavored water manufacturing plant in Ethiopia.

The company has bases In Asia and has exported its product to Africa for more than 10 years. Any local company looking to partner up on this project is invited.


A local company, who has been in the manufacturing industry for a long period, has now ventured into the business of producing marble for local supply.  While the company has acquired 1.5 sq KM land for the project, interested parties who want to work together in form of Joint Venture or partnership are needed to support the project with expertise, machinery and finance.

The capital asset for the project is 5 million USD and the required amount for contribution is set at 1 million USD.


Financiers from Canada and UK are interested to be involved in local Agriculture, Horticulture or energy projects.

The limit of the financial support is 10 million dollars. The project will be structured in the form of joint venture with a buy out option for the local company.


A group of Investors are looking to come to Ethiopia to work in the agro industry. As they are want to add value to the local produces, they want to cover the backward integration by partnering up with local farmers.

Large scale farmers with coffee, tomato, sesame, and mango will be valuable to the group.


A local detergent manufacturing company is looking for partners in the form of joint venture. The company has existed in the industry for three years and now looking to expand and add more products.

Hence the company is looking for partners with expertise  (know how) in the detergent industry.

The Investor wants to hold a 51% majority share in the business


A financier from china is looking for energy projects to finance. The project should be on renewable energy with medium to high capacity.


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