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Diaspora’s Touch on GERD

“IT’S OUR DAM” Special Edition @abn-team Established in March 2019, the Ethiopian Diaspora Agency mainly aims at facilitating and coordinating the participation of Ethiopian diaspora in the country’s overall social, economic, cultural and political activities. To that effect, the agency focuses on four major areas: Diaspora Community Development, Diaspora Engagement, […]

Ethiopian Insurance Corporation Ensuring GERD Safety

“IT’S OUR DAM” Special Edition @ABN In Ethiopia, modern institutionalized financial services such as insurance and banks have been playing significant rolesin addressing societal problems. They are socially responsible institutions. indeed. For ages Ethiopians had been receiving financial services through informal means, known locally as,”iqqubs”, “iddirs” and “mahbers”. Ethiopian insurance […]

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia: Energizing GERD

“IT’S OUR DAM” Special Edition @ABN Ever since its establishment the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia/CBE/ has significantly been playing a major role in the overall socio-economic development of the country. More importantly, its role in the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam/GERD/ appears to be very critical. As GERD […]