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የአበቅየለሽ ጠጅ፤ በቡርቧክሶች ዜማ

Abyssinia Business Network /ABN/ ጎንደር ከተማ ከመድረሳችን በፊት በማክሰኚትና በጠዳ መካከል እናገኛታለን፡፡ በመሰንቆ ጨዋታ የገነነችዋን መንደር፤ ቡርቧክስ እግር ጥሏችሁ ከመንደሯ ቤቶች ወደ አንደኛው ድንገት ጐራ ብትሉ ከሁለት እስከ አምስት የሚደርሱ መሰንቆዎችን የቤቱ ምሰሶ ላይ በክብር ተሰቅለው ታገኛላችሁ፡፡ የእማሆይ አበቅየለሽ ጥንታዊ ጠጅ ቤት የሚገኘው ጎንደር፤ ከፋሲል ግንብ ዋና መግቢያ በር ደቡብ […]

ABN 10 questions with Fetihya Mohamed

Abyssinia business Network /ABN/ By Aklile Tsige Born and raised in the beautiful city of Dire Dawa in Eastern Ethiopia. Fetihya Mohammed was the first born followed by a sister and two brothers. Ever since she left Dire Dawa for the nation’s capital, Addis Ababa she has gone through lots […]

Ethiopian Leather Sector Still Untapped

Abyssinia Business Network /ABN/ By Samuel Tekleyesus /ABN/ Leather manufacturing is one of the oldest industries globally and particularly in Ethiopia which has remained and sprung forward as an economically important sector in terms of engaging citizens intensively and in export business. The Ethiopian leather industry is relatively an older […]