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Hawassa to Host Hotel Conference

Abyssinia Business Network /ABN/ FetehWeldesenbt is President of the Ethiopian Hotel and Related Service Employers’ Federation and the PhD candidate in Hotel Marketing at a university abroad. He also serves as General Manager of Central Hawassa Hotel and working in the hotel and tourism sector for a long time. He […]

Tourism Ethiopia in Action

Abyssinia Business Network /ABN/ Tourism Ethiopia Chief Executive Officer, Seleshi Girma  has earned MBA in Int’l Business, MSc in Wildlife Conservation, and  PGD in Tourism Management, and has got 14 years of experience in academics teaching, industry advising and government Leadership; he has also worked as tourism development advisor for […]

AHA: Seeing Hospitality Academy

Abyssinia Business Network /ABN/ Benyam was a primary driver in the restructures of the Addis Ababa Hotels Owners Association/AHA/. He serves on the board of AHA as a chairman.  Studying Corporate Finance and Business Management at York University in Canada, Benyam returned to Ethiopia to head the hospitality division of […]