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ABN 10 Questions

By Aklile Tsige/ABN/ Born and grew up in Wolaita Soddo, southern Ethiopia,  the 36-year-old doctor Senait Mario has been working as professional fashion designer and model for long period of time. She has also worked with international brands such as 3D Modeling Agency andAttunda ModellingAgency.ABN Editor-in-Chief Aklile Tsige meets Senait […]

Agro Processing: Vital in Ethiopian economy

By Samuel Tekleyesus/ABN/ Well-known that Ethiopia is gifted with good climate, sufficient arable land and labor, adequate rainfall and a range of agro-ecological zones that contributes to the wide diversity of commodities which can be produced. And agriculture plays a critical role in the Ethiopian economy; Ethiopia’s economy is predominantly […]

Exotic and timeless

By AklileTsige/ABN/ As the Ethiopian New Year gets closer it’s common to see people shopping at markets, malls and bazaars, looking for different kinds of goods and holiday items. The famous “Shiro Meda” market is the one visited by huge number of traditional apparel –lovers; it’s a hot spot where […]