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African Economic Community (AEC)

African Economic Community (AEC) ABN# The African Economic Community (AEC) is an organization of African Union states establishing grounds for mutual economic development among the majority of African states. The stated goals of the organization include the creation of free trade areas, customs unions, a single market, a central bank, and a common currency (see African Monetary Union) thus establishing an economic […]

TEFF back home

TEFF  back  home   BY ABN #   The Ethiopian government is celebrating a major victory in a long-running dispute over who owns the patent for products made from teff – an ancient grain that forms the basis of Ethiopia’s staple food, injera. Fitsum Arega, an Ethiopian diplomat who is the current […]

33 ways Davos 2019 made an impact on the world

33 ways Davos 2019 made an impact on the world ABN# Shaping the Global Agenda Prime Minister Abe of Japan used a special address to commit his country’s G20 Chairmanship to launch an agenda for global data governance. Abe said that the process, dubbed the Osaka track, would work the auspices of […]