ROCKSTONE Ethiopia has committed One Billion ETB to building KEFITA

@ABN ROCKSTONE Ethiopia has committed One Billion Birr to building KEFITA|ከፍታ, a G+20 exclusive apartment building with hotel-like amenities off Embassy Row in the Signal district of Addis Abeba for completion in mid 2023.‘KEFITA’, an Amharic name meaning ‘heights’, neatly sums up ROCKSTONE’S intentions.Premier German real estate developer, ROCKSTONE Real […]

Djibouti: Just another country blinded by Chinese money?

Djibouti’s future diversification of its economy through foreign investment continues to be threatened as companies show low confidence in the government’s ability to provide a low-risk business environment. The East African nation has been labeled “too risky” by investors following an ongoing case between Djibouti and Dubai-based port operator DP […]

Ethiopian: Global Embodiment of Aviation Resilience

@ABN Ethiopian Airlines has been a key player in connecting Africa and the rest of the world. The Airline greatly contributes to the economy of the country as well as the continent by providing tourists and business travelers with quality air transport services. Ethiopian carries more than 12 million passengers […]

Zemen Bank S.C: Commendable 12-year Journey

By: Aklile Tsige @ABN Banks play a crucial role for the development of a country. It expedites investment activities which are considered as the back bone of development. A bank is an institution which accepts deposits from the public and in turn advances loans through creating credit. Through this function, […]